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Apr 25, 2022

The challenges preventing many young people from getting on the property ladder are many and well known. From basic supply and demand issues, to the financial hurdles of deposits and soaring prices.


But an almost hidden secret, which has actually been in place for several decades, exists as a solution to those challenges.


Shared Ownership.


In today's show, Mark Porter, Head of Partnerships at SO Resi Partnerships, explains what that solution is and how his team are on a crusade to reveal that hidden secret to the wider public and the key areas of the property market.


Listen to Mark reflect on the substantial and varied career background, which has led him to have the knowledge and insight into the differing and sometimes contrasting worlds of the public and private sectors. And also how that experience has skilled him in the true key area: the consumer, the end user, the home buyer.


Hear Mark cover the common misconceptions of Shared Ownership. and also what the true advantages and opportunities are.


Mark shares his opinions on the current market and challenges, and also his views on the changes in law and products that are sweeping in over the next five years.


Hear Mark describe how Housing Associations and Property Developers and Mortgage Lenders all have their parts to play, and importantly, have many exciting opportunities they can benefit from through real partnerships...

Apr 14, 2022

Keeping the consumer first in mind is something that has always been obvious and has been delivered by the likes of the tech wizards and creative types in the gaming and movie worlds, where their work is approved, accepted, and fanatically enjoyed by many millions of happy consumers.

In the property world, however, such devotion and focus on that end consumer has mostly been sadly lacking. The tenant. The resident. They often find themselves way down the list of priorities behind profits and planning designs.

But what if you could take those consumer-focused tech teams and get them to produce software that would benefit residents in new residential schemes in ways never before imagined?

That's where today's guest Jeremy Heath-Smith comes in. Former creator of the global sensation in the gaming and movie worlds - Tomb Raider - and now founder and CEO of Spike Global, the UK's leading resident engagement and property management software provider.

Jeremy shares the fascinating story of how the incredible transformation of Battersea Power Station brought him and his team into the world of property.

Jeremy gives a live demonstration during the show, of how Spike Global's software portal and messaging platform has transformed the engagement, integration, communication, and happiness and well-being enjoyed by the residents in that and other housing schemes in the UK.

See and hear about how developers can completely change their game when it comes to delivering for the end-customers: the landlords, the property managers, the residents, the tenants.

Listen to Jeremy talk about how his team's systems performed in ways they never imagined when the global pandemic swept across the landscape.

Efficiencies in building management, and control of logistics and operations within a scheme, yes. But more than that. Building and evolving thriving communities. Making people feel connected and supported. Enriching the lives of users and communities by creating better places to live and work...

Apr 11, 2022

In today's show, we chat with multi-award-winning professional business mentor Christine Nicholson.


Christine has been helping businesses in different sectors succeed for over 30 years. She has literally seen it all. And in 2021 she was named UK Business Mentor of the Year.


Christine speaks about the starting point of a business and the very crucial DOs and DON'Ts that an entrepreneur should focus on.


Then when it comes to what Christine likes to call "The Messy Middle" of a business' life, what are the actionable tips that we can use to increase the profits and value of the business, while working fewer hours and with less stress and anxiety.


And the part of the journey that few like to think about: the end. Christine talks of how 100% of business owners will in some way leave their business, so let's plan and prepare for that end. How, for example, can retiring business owners sell their companies for more money and on better terms so they can live the kind of retirement they dream of.

Mar 28, 2022

Today's show is packed with information, content, opinions, tips, swearing, and even some emotion!


That's because two friends and business partners from Express Mortgages are in town.


And when these two gents invade Scotland from Englandshire, they come packing, and they don't hold their punches. Straight talking and solving property funding puzzles are their key skills.


However, as you'll hear from the conversation, it's also always done with a ton of integrity and a massive heart. Giving quality time and consideration to their clients is an ethos that runs deep in their company and throughout their amazing team.


Steve and Paul cover every angle, answer every question, and don't hold back in any way.


> We talked about the standard residential market and all of the options and products available from lenders, both standard mainstream and also highly bespoke...

> We covered the booming buy-to-let and serviced accommodation areas, with the gents offering insights and advice for all levels of investors out there...


> Steve and Paul tackled all of the assumed obstacles that investors believe are out there, and explained how there are always ways and options for analysing a problem...


> And we covered the use of funding with bigger developments and new build sites...

Mar 21, 2022
Yann Murciano is a man who has always spotted inefficiencies and then made it his mission to clear them away to reach the opportunities that lie behind them...


It's an observational skill that has followed him through his finance and banking career, his time working in the markets in the United States, through his migration to the City of London, and deep into the UK's property market.




> Yann and his team at Blend Network are deliberately shaking up the property lending market, which he sees as having rested on its comfortable laurels for too long...


> Listen to Yann speak about the focus he has on the end-customer experience, the property developers who are being thwarted by ancient and confusing lending practices...


> Hear Yann talk about the key areas where he sees efficiencies and improvements able to bring about real change for all concerned...


> Yann doesn't hold back with his opinions about the lack of transparency and the lack of regulation that he sees slowing or completely preventing property developers being able to deliver on their projects...


> Listen to Yann speak about his fascinating career path and the qualifications and experiences which have combined to enable him to have a laser focus on where his company can deliver with efficiency and quality...


> Hear Yann explain the impressive capital that Blend Network has amassed and how they're looking to forge long-term relationships with developers seeking to work on their pipelines of projects...

Feb 21, 2022
There are a good number of property developers doing business in the UK.  All in different locations, providing different properties, and in different ways.

Today on the show, we hear from one that's not just doing business, but which is successfully operating a 'Profit for Purpose' business model to directly help the community that it serves.

And Managing Director Christopher Heath is with us to tell that story of Cube Homes...


> Learn about Christopher's own career journey, which has provided a wealth of knowledge and experience in the property world...

> Hear about Cube Homes' focus on quality and customers...

> Listen to Christopher speak about how Cube Homes aims to help its customers choose with both brain and heart...

> Hear about the global interest in Cube Homes, and a Hong Kong-specific tale with its customers...

> Listen to Christopher speak about the challenges and the satisfactions that Cube Homes has found through its projects...

> Hear Christopher's opinions on planning, on build changes, and on design elements with fuel sources and parking requirements...

> Listen to the exciting short-term pilot-scheme plans and bold long-term country expansion plans that Christopher has for the company...

Feb 7, 2022
There's a massive buzz around land and development in the property industry at this time. So who better to speak to about the subject than someone who has been in the game for more than 20 years, and who has built a land, development and investment agency that has done over £1.5 billion in property transactions. That person just happens to be today's guest on This Week In Property, Sam Murphy from Highfield Investments.


Listen to Sam speak about the importance of 'pounding the beat' and walking your area for opportunity, and how just such a walk in the snow brought a development that remains one of his most treasured memories.

Hear Sam's take on the abundance of online tools and technologies in today's market that can help scan and source opportunities across the country.

Listen to Sam explain the process of how his company analyses an opportunity and then takes it to completion with their key power team mitigating risks and maximising returns.

Sam shares some of the major developments he's enjoyed success from, and also some of the challenges that have brought the biggest lessons for him.

Hear Sam's opinions on the market, how he reviews the last few years with the pandemic, and how he hopes things unfold in the future...

Jan 31, 2022
In today's show, we sit down with a young man whose family, background, and nurtured thinking have led him on a journey to seek out opportunity everywhere in life.


An entrepreneurial spirit, a drive to solve problems and succeed, and a restless, insatiable appetite to question and test and seek out ways to 'join the dots' in business and in life. Many viewers and listeners will find a kindred spirit in today's guest: Taylor McDonald...




Taylor speaks of the challenging school life, varied early work life, and the characters who've played special parts in his growth, that have all determined the path that he's tread to date.


He shares the story of the first commercial project that boosted his desire to push on and grow his property business.


Taylor speaks of the business and family dynamics of a father-and-son relationship.

He also speaks of the support and creativity found with a partner who shares the same entrepreneurial drives.


Hear Taylor speak about the various projects in the commercial and residential property worlds, and the profits and returns that he's enjoyed from them.


Listen to him talk of the fascinating and creative opportunities he sees around him, from property, to pet grooming, to abandoned train carriages, to launching a future property staging business.


He's a young man on a mission, and he's just building up steam...

Jan 29, 2022
I hate social media.  I'm introverted and private.  I detest fakeness.  I'm too busy with my real business. Common objections and reasons given by most busy professionals and property investors when it comes to even considering jumping into the online world of social media.

And also the exact same initial thoughts of today's guest, Billy Farrell.

But after changing how he viewed the social media world and decided how he would personally approach and use it, he went on to build and establish a powerful networking and marketing tool that he uses to real effect when it comes to business and profits...


Listen to Billy open up honestly right from the start about the single biggest mistake he ever made when it came to his online presence.

Hear Billy explain how to steer clear of fakeness and B.S. and instead operate with authenticity and transparency.

Listen to Billy talk about the capital and the leverage that these digital tools can bring into your real-world business of contacts, resources, finances, and opportunities.

Billy speaks about the various platforms and tools available, but why it doesn't have to be confusing and paralysing.

Billy talks about content and the ways to make being on social media a very easy and actually a fun thing to do.

Links to the special Social Media Masterclass for Property Investors can be found below...

Jan 17, 2022

In today's show, we hear from Lynda Clark, editor of First Time Buyer Magazine...




Lynda looks back over her fascinating career and all of the twists and turns that have taken her up to and through a long and successful connection with the magazine.


We discuss the crucial key role that first time buyers play in the property market.


Lynda reviews how the market and the first time buyer demographic has been affected through the pandemic.


Hear Lynda speak about the big disadvantage of the pandemic restrictions that actually led to a very surprising advantage.


Lynda covers the various challenges, successes, lending, products, services, and opportunities available to first time buyers, and how they affect the market as a whole.


Lynda lists the key things that all first time buyers should be considering when looking to buy.


And Lynda also covers how developers play their part in serving this crucial part of the marketplace.

Jan 10, 2022

In today's show, we sit down with Guy Horne, one of the co-founders of HSPG, the UK's leading social impact real estate investment firm.


You'll hear how along with his long-time friend since school, David Searle, they have managed to unite, build an amazing team, form powerful partnerships, and make a gigantic impact in UK property that is helping so many lives...


Guy reflects back on the very first project that he and David got together on: a low-cost HMO investment project in Manchester. And how a crazy 6 and a half year journey has seen HSPG grow into working with over 30 housing providers, over 60 Local Authority partnerships, over £350m in invested funds, and over 4,000 new bed spaces created.


It's a highly-impressive journey that's been making waves in the affordable and supported housing areas that face up to the gigantic housing and homelessness crises in the UK.


Listen to Guy tell the "William Hill" story and how the changes in Permitted Development and a creative way of achieve affordable housing have brought about unique ways of solving problems.


Guy speaks of the individual human tales he saw around him, which inspired him to find ways to help so many people, and to tie into the public and private partnerships that could bring the expertise and solutions required.


Listen to Guy tell about their "Project 2000" initiative and how they're not just on track to meet it, but to blow it out of the water.


A passionate team, a demand-driven strategy, an entrepreneurial mindset, and an open and vulnerable approach to learning and working with others around them, HSPG is a formidable force that isn't anywhere near stopping in it's vision...

Dec 7, 2021

Today's show isn't just one not to miss, but it's one not to miss visually seeing.


That's right, if you start by listening to the show on your podcast player while driving or working around the house, make sure whenever it's safe to do so, that you watch the show back in its video format.


Because for Landlords, Serviced Accommodation Managers, Property Managers, Property Developers, Sourcers, and other property professionals, you'll be able to see a live demonstration of a new software platform that could make your business life a whole lot simpler...


In true entrepreneurial style, Lisa Best "scratched her own itch" by launching the "Rlet" platform.


All of those noise and pain points that many of us know in the property world - communication, staying in control, running projects, getting information to key people, managing documentation, providing and getting updates, monitoring developments or repairs - all get attended to by Rlet.


Live on the show, Lisa runs us through the platform that can be used on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.


Having key information to hand, collating and storing all of your related documents under the relevant property, and communicating with tenants, property managers, agents, builders, and staff?  Rlet allows you to do it all in one, pleasantly designed interface.


Being able to securely store private property files, or able to easily share more generic documents that will be key to the contacts that you invite and control their access?  All in place for you.


An easy-to-navigate timeline of conversations, updates, repair pictures, or development videos?  Yes, all that too.


And with a kind offer to give listeners to the podcast a chance to not only enjoy a free trial, but go beyond that with the power to influence and guide future features and upgrades for the app, today's show is really not to be missed...

Nov 15, 2021

Some people might think that taking a big chance during the lockdown of a global pandemic would be a scary prospect.


But Simon Cox, Managing Director of the new land agency, Walter Cooper and Co, is someone who has the courage, the mindset, and the optimism to see it as the perfect moment for opportunity and change....


In today's show, Simon talks about seizing the moment and the gratitude he has to his many clients and friends who have backed and supported his vision.


We discuss the risk:reward ratio of the land and development area inside the world of property.


Simon speaks of the challenges, the risks, the obstacles, and the "planning crisis" that stand in the road of progress.


But he also speaks of the rewards, the satisfaction, and the ability to help community and families grow and prosper from this specialised vehicle in the property world.


Rather than the typical approach of waiting to gather riches and then think about contribution and charity, Simon explains how his team have immediately started to help the community around them from the very start.


Simon also shares the vision of what Walter Cooper aims to achieve and the impressive drive and motivation that he brings to that vision.


His philosophy around what land development can bring to a nation, his mindset around life-long learning, and his views and opinions of all that's good and problematic in where the landscape is right now.  Simon doesn't hold back adding value to the conversation...

Nov 8, 2021

Take a housing sector concept such as "Shared Ownership" that's been running for several decades, and then add in a young, vibrant and creative Digital Marketing Manager...and you have a powerful combination that's helping many many people to get on the property ladder.

Today's guest in the hot seat, whom has been recently awarded as "Woman of the Year (Leadership)" at the Women in Housing Awards, is Violet Pugh...


Listen to Violet share her personal career journey that has collected skills and knowledge from customer service, design and creativity, and housing and marketing, that she has skilfully put into action in her role with SO Resi.

SO Resi, as the award-winning Shared Ownership brand of Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing - the 5th largest housing association in England - has helped tens of thousands of people to become homeowners.

Violet explains the concept and the products behind Shared Ownership, and how her innovative team constantly strive to design and implement new ways to help their customers.

Hear Violet speak proudly of her team of eight women, and how access to equal opportunities and supporting diversity in the workplace is a passionate area for her on a personal level.

Violet describes the fast moving pace of digital media and marketing, and how cutting-edge platforms are being used by her team to get the message out of how people can be helped.

Listen to Violet reflect on the challenges that her organisation and the sector face, and also the satisfying milestones and fulfilling achievements that she's experienced through her career.

Finally, hear Violet reflect on her own personal journey so far, and the key lessons learned along the way...

Nov 1, 2021

Becoming an Accidental Landlord through one of your own homes is a classic story amongst people in the property world.

However, an off-the-cuff car chat that then propels that further into a highly successful family business is a touch different.

And that's just one chapter of the fascinating story kindly shared by today's guest, Andrew Lindsay...


In today's show, we have a wide-reaching conversation that touches on a host of areas including civil engineering, land development sites, climate change, multi-million-pound calculations, serviced accommodation, buy-to-lets, high-end-finish refurbishments, and end-market focus.

Hear Andrew's interesting life journey through lessons and failures, successes and achievements, and looking back to join the dots.

Andrew shares the moments and encounters that have grown his team and contacts, revealed new areas of the business such as interior design and holiday let management.

Listen to Andrew speak about his engineering focus and how his ability to solve problems has unlocked opportunities, overcome obstacles, and restructured deals with various exit options.

Andrew reveals how the power of networking and collaborating with a like-minded community has propelled his business and opportunities, and how the value he gives and shares with others has led to continued growth and success.

Finally, listen to Andrew ponder his journey to this point and what he feels he's learned about himself along the way...

Oct 25, 2021

We sometimes put our heads in the sand with how life works out, convince and justify things to ourselves, or declare that it's just a sacrifice for a greater good like our children.


Today's guest, David Smart, can bravely and honestly attest to that.


But unlike most people, David had the drive, the direction and the determination to change it all...




David openly shares his own fascinating personal journey from leaving school without direction, earning money through hard work and progress, and then facing a light-bulb moment in life where the birth of a son caused him to re-evaluate who and where he was.


David shares the rollercoaster trip of some challenges but many more successes as he used property as the vehicle to change life for him and his family.


The conversation covers the plans and marketing, networking and contacts, strategies and approaches that David has built through his business.


Listen to David reveal the challenging aspects of protracted sales, deals that have fallen through, and handling puzzles and challenges in business life.


Also listen to David reveal the amazing goals and targets he's reached, the huge profits he's banked, and the numerous people that he's already helped, such as sellers, investors, agents, and partners.


Listen to David explain how he continues to source multiple property deals at the same time, how he rewards investors who have chosen to work with him, and how he runs multiple businesses with his trusted partner.


Hear David speak of the emotions and satisfaction he felt on reaching his ultimate goal of going full-time in property and being able to stay onshore and spend quality time with his young family.


David's story is a remarkable example and inspiration of what's possible for anyone with the same plan and the same determination to follow it through.

Oct 18, 2021

Take everything you thought you knew from the old world of property and business, and throw it in the bin...


Middle-aged, buttoned-down, conservative, stuffy, and quite frankly, boring.  Into the bin you go.


Usher in some new thoughts and style...


Martial Arts, tattoos, TikTok, online gaming, and some flashy fun toys to enjoy the journey like fast cars and cityscape apartments.


Bye bye, Mr Boring.  Hello, young entrepreneur, Richard Dickson...




At 25-years-old, Richard has already managed to achieve an amazing level of success.  And he has no intention of stopping.


Multiple businesses, multiple investment and revenue streams.  He has an energy and excitement to conquer more and more landscapes.


Vibrant, edgy, and not afraid to have his real authentic self on display, as he makes his way through the world forging his own path.


From an early exit from school to a trades background.  Turning passing interests into crafted obsessions.  Finding mentors and tracing the patterns of success.  Launching and tweaking business models.  It's a constantly moving crafting of business and lifestyle for him.


And carefully layered on top of the fun, the interest, the variety, the tech, and the style, is an undeniable solid focus on service and value.


Hear Richard talk about the amazing returns that his business provides for his investors.


Listen to Richard speak about the short-term Deal Packaging strategies and the longer-term Land Development projects that he focuses on to deliver value to the market, to clients, and the community.


And hear Richard speak about how he's on a mission to share and supply his skills and knowledge onto the wider group of potential young entrepreneurs who are out there ready to forge their own paths if given the right direction and encouragement...

Oct 11, 2021

Everyone connected in any way to property in the UK knows about the 2-word problem that is the "housing crisis"

However, not enough people know about one of the 2-word solutions to that problem: "shared ownership"

Today's guest, Kush Rawal, Director of Residential Investment at Metropolitan Thames Valley helps clear that up in today's show...


Kush has deep-rooted personal memories of seeing his parents use a version of the scheme to get themselves onto the property ladder.

And then later in his own adult life, he and his wife benefited from using the scheme.  

So, Shared Ownership is something that he and the majority of his large team not only know about but have actually lived and breathed it.

Kush explains the simple concept of how it works.  He touches upon the many partners that come together to make it all happen.  He talks about the investment and funding pieces of the puzzle, and also how the developer and construction pieces operate.

And he also touches upon the many examples of the real human stories and individual families who have benefited throughout the decades that the system has been in operation.

Kush reflects upon the challenging times of the 2008 Crash and the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the elements of leadership and skill that saw him and his team get through to the other side of those periods.

A fascinating conversation with a very experienced man in a unique position...

Sep 13, 2021

Sadly, there are many people silently suffering from a work/life imbalance that is slowly draining them of life and energy.  The rat race, the hamster wheel, the corporate ladder.  It's a real-life cliche with many different names but holding the same pain.


Within that group is a small number of people who manage to escape.  A change in direction, a new business, following a passion, a rebalance of life that returns their smile and energy.  Their example brings hope to others.


Today's guest brings that example and encouragement in spades.  James Doran escaped from a hectic onshore/offshore work life and steadily built up his now full-time property business that has seen him re-engage fully with his daughters, re-energise his energy and health, and re-connect with himself as a man...


> Hear James share the pain of his former life that took his time and energy, that impacted his mental health, and that stole precious time from being with his kids...

> Listen to James speak openly about the pressure that cracked his marriage and the feelings of not believing he could escape the gilded cage he had built through a highly-paid job...

> Hear how a book dropping through the door gave him a spark of awareness to start questioning what he really wanted from life...

> Hear James speak about the recently uncovered item that showed him just how far he's managed to come, through his hard work and commitment...

> Listen to how James has transformed his life mentally, emotionally, and spiritually...

> and hear how his business not only helps him and his family, but serves others like his investor clients who now benefit from his expertise, knowledge and contacts...

Sep 6, 2021

In today's show, we have two active guests and one angelic passive guest.

We hear from Nana and Emelie from Miracle Properties, and we even have their beautiful weeks-old daughter Celeste just off-camera silently making sure that mum and dad answer their questions correctly.

That's right, we'll get to see and hear how a busy family that already has another older daughter, can succeed in business and investing.

Then add in the international flavours of Sweden, the US, the UK property market, and outsourcing in the Philipines, and you have a family determined to mould their future using tech, travel, and tactics.

> Emelie tells how building houses with her father in Sweden produced a love affair with property that she encouraged Nana to think about...

> Hear Nana explain how a moment of insight walking in the Los Angeles hills finally brought him on board...

> Learn the story of Miracle Properties and how they use short-term strategies such as buy-to-flips, and long-term strategies such as HMOs to build their business...

> Share the frustrations of the COVID year of 2020 that hampered their deals and projects, but how they survived through it all...

> And hear Nana's and Emelie's thoughts as parents to share the same financial and business knowledge and experience they've built up to help their daughters in the future...

Aug 30, 2021

Today's show is a great example of how the stuffy, slow-paced world of property can be disrupted by youth, by tech, and by actually thinking about the end users for once!


And as the co-founder of fashion phenomenon Pretty Little Thing, our guest today, Adam Kamani, knew exactly how to do that with his new swipeable property app: MoveStreets...


Adam is an award-winning property entrepreneur, start-up investor, mentor and CEO of Kamani Property Group and KM Capital.


Adam set up Kamani Property and then KM Capital in 2016, partnering with Stephen Morana (previously CFO at Zoopla & Betfair).


Adam has always believed that, in a fast-changing world, the next batch of entrepreneurs will come from the younger generation. KM Capital is a fund that aims to support young, dynamic businesses with a key focus on tech start-ups. They have already invested in a number of businesses that are mostly tech-driven or consumer-facing, that look to disrupt current ways of working.


The MoveStreets app not only allows you to discover the property market in a fun and easy way, but it also provides you with tons of useful information when searching for your new home. Property information including location, gallery, description, and an interactive map highlighting all the nearby essential destinations you might need to check before putting in that offer.


The app is fast and super easy to navigate. You can swipe right to like a property and swipe left if it’s not for you. Once you have liked a property, simply go to your liked area where you can book a viewing in one easy step, email or call the agents, or check out that stunning property a few more times. MoveStreets, the fun and exciting way for finding your new forever home!


> Listen to Adam share his story of how the world of property took over his focus from the world of fashion as he spent time in Manhattan...

> Hear how the idea of a brand-new disruptive mobile app came while sitting on the couch with his wife at home and grew into a restless obsession...

> Listen to Adam's opinions on dealing with the pandemic and where he sees the market going in the near future...

> and hear Adam's essential takeaways to the younger generation out there and how they can succeed in life...

Aug 23, 2021

In today's show, we have a hat-trick of firsts...

First guest hailing from Slovakia, first in-depth discussion on a specific property construction type, and first birthday on the show!

And that birthday girl is the lovely Anna Pazdurova...


> Hear Anna's fascinating life story that has seen her travel and learn and work all over Easter, Central Western Europe...

> Listen to some of the fascinating science and stats about different property construction materials...

> Listen to Anna's insights from a night-time visit of a KGB office in the Ukraine...

> Learn about Anna's business ventures involving: being a landlord, juggling charity and social projects, launching an eco-friendly property business in the UK, and managing refurb and flip projects...

Aug 16, 2021

In today's show, we bring another property professional into the spotlight, to hear their story and the various experiences and insights they're facing with their boots on the ground.  Today's guest is Daniel Duffield, co-founder of KOVE Properties...


> Listen to Dan's inspirational personal journey following twists and turns, demanding commitment and effort, and curiously following doors as they've opened up for him along the way...

> See how that creativity and adaptation has not only followed him through his childhood but also into his business life as his team grows and expands...

> Hear how Dan's team are helping and serving clients with portfolio building, project management, and a lettings business to give value in lots of different areas...

> Listen to how Dan's focus on the protection and service to clients (investors and tenants alike) was behind the deliberate choosing of their company name...

> Hear Dan's experiences through and beyond the pandemic, and where he sees the market going...

Aug 9, 2021

In today's show, we hear the fascinating journey of a fascinating young man called Derek Mawhinney.

And it's a man who freely admits that he has no real interest in property.

For him, property is just a powerful and effective vehicle to enable him to do what he really targets: the bold and noble aim to lift and regenerate his home city of Dundee.

And Derek is managing to do that by combining massive finance with huge projects, and by listening to and working with the local city experts dealing with: mental health issues; drink and drugs abuse; unemployment; council projects and targets; apprenticeship schemes; housebuilders; and the city's business requirements.

And for Derek's special story, we've put together a very special show.  One where we not only speak with him in the studio, but then go on a road trip out to physically view one of his massive fascinating projects...


> Listen to the incredible story of how Derek ended up buying the entire office building that he was once sacked inside as a teenager...

> Hear how Derek thinks of money, funding, and the economy...

> Listen to Derek paint the picture of his childhood losing his mother at an early age...

> Hear and understand the character of this young man as he pushes on with his noble crusade to help many others in his community and city...

> Watch us visit and go inside one of his huge projects currently underway...

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